Children of the Dump 
In 2000 Children of the Dump was formed and took on the project of raising money to build the School of Champions to help the children working in the dump find a better life.  The school is like a Boys/Girls Club.   To date Children of the Dump has transfer over $530,000 US dollars to build and operate the School of Champions and the feeding programs.  The dump is now closed and the children no longer work in the dump.  Children of the Dump is now looking at a program to help the children in the dump community, whose parents now work in the new dump, get through high school.  When you donate to Children of the Dump using the PayPal buttons on our website the money goes directly to our PayPal account and is allocated to our programs by the donation procedures on our website.
Children of the Dump is now working with the Middle School to install Air Conditioning.  When it is hot the school is like an oven, teachers believe that with air conditioning, education will double and attendance will go up by 30%.
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