Children of the Dump 

future plans

Community Center - Children of the Dump has plans to build a community center with the new Civil Association that represents 160 of the families who work as recycler's in new city dump.
Dental and Medical ClinicChildren of the Dump is working with the new Civil Association to include plans for a dental and medical clinic in the new community center.
Handcraft Classes and Store - Children of the Dump has sponsored teaching classes to the mothers and children in the dump community in handcrafts that they can sell to raise money for an improved lifestyle.  Included in this project is plans for a store to market their products.
Housing Project Children of the Dump is working with a local legal group to assist the local workers in obtaining title to the land they are living on.  In addition, we are looking at how to build basic housing to improve their standard of living and to keep their community together.  We plan to build 100 homes over the next four years.
School Feeding Programs - Children of the Dump is reviewing this program to see how it can be improved and what school officials recommend.
Website - Children of the Dump is revising our website to make our programs totally transparent.  We are discussing ways to work with those who receive our grants to make their programs transparent.  We will be posting links to all the agencies who we fill our disclosure forms with in order to keep our partners totally informed.  These changes will occur over time, please watch for them.  Let us know any of your ideas by using the links on this website or send us an e-mail at  Have a Blessed day.

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