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donation procedures

Children of the Dump Donation Procedures


Monetary donations are processed three ways, first over the internet by way of PayPal or Credit Card Donations which go directly to our bank account, second by mail being sent to 718 Griffin Ave., PMB#207, Enumclaw, WA 98022 and third by a direct contribution handed to a representative of our organization.

PayPal donations are received directly over the internet and acknowledged with an e-mail receipt.  If you require further documentation you need to include your mailing address and we will be glad to mail you a receipt.  Credit Card Donations are receipted by mail to the address listed on the donation.

Donations by mail go to a private mailbox at Mail Express in Enumclaw, Washington.  Mail Express then opens all contribution envelopes and prepares a deposit to one of Eagles On Assignment local bank accounts.  In addition, they fax a copy of each check and any notes that are in the envelope to us so that we can prepare a receipt to be mailed to you.  Since we are now in Mexico, the time between donation and you receiving your receipt has been lengthened, but if you include your e-mail address we can deliver the receipt very quickly and reduce our costs.

Cash donations to a representative will be receipted if you include a mailing or e-mail address.  This type of donation is mostly for visitors to Mexico who elect to go on one of our tours or are contributing to a mission trip for one of the groups coming to work with us in Mexico.

Once a donation is deposited to our account it creates an audit trail that enables us to insure your donation is properly accounted for and our new grant policy insures that those who receive a grant from us, have to tell us how the grant will benefit the children in the dump community.

Non-Monetary Donations are usually received at our address in Enumclaw or in Mexico directly by one of our representatives, these usually are in the form of clothing, school supplies or items of personal hygiene.  If the donation is made in the United States they are collected and then transported to Mexico when someone is traveling there.  Larger items like cars, trucks, boats or RV’s are by agreement and dealt with individually.  Unless they are for our work they are sold and the proceeds deposited as in a monetary donation.  Any in-kind donation of goods greater than $500 requires the donor to include Form 8283 with his or her tax return.  For in-kind donations in excess of $5,000 the donee (i.e. Eagles On Assignment d/b/a Children of the Dump) must complete Part IV of Form 8283 after receiving the contribution.  Part IV confirms that the property identified in Part I was in fact donated, as well as asking whether the organization intends to use the contribution for a purpose unrelated to the organization’s work.  Eagles On Assignment is glad to work with our donors in determining the property’s value even though the IRS makes it the donors responsibility.  If you have further questions you can call us at (360)825-1099 and we are more than happy to discuss it with you.

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